Cannot find project info for ‘project’. This can indicate a missing project reference.

While trying out migrating a few old projects to ASP.NET Core 1.1, I stumbled upon this error when trying to the build the project.

For some reason VS does not inform about which specific references are missing. Imagine the following scenario:

Library A -> Library B

Library C -> Library A

If Library A expose any types from Library B, then C would require a direct reference to B. However, if A does not expose any of B’s types, then C can reference A without a direct reference to B.

So, VS 2017 will give you ‘Cannot find project info for (…)’ error when you don’t have the necessary direct references. Unlike previously, it will not inform which dependencies are required.

Edit: Seems the error occurs for several different issues. See more on this github issue.

A numeric comparison was attempted on TargetPlatformVersion evaluated to empty string

So after upgrading to Visual Studio 2013 update 1 and upgrading my web project to MVC 5.1 I could no longer load or build the project. I keep getting an error from MSBuild stating that the TargetPlatformVersion variable evaluated to an empty string. Naturally this caused some initial headache.

After comparing the project file with a clean project and finding no major differences I moved on to looking at the solution file. It turns out the VisualStudioVersion had been bumped to “12.0.30110.0” up from the previous “12.0.21005.1”. After updating this to the newest version the project successfully loaded again.

So if you experience this issue update your solution files visual studio version and reload the solution.