Relevant employment and consulting work:

  • Consulting for Novo Nordisk 2022-present
  • Consulting for KMD’s Studica 2021-2022
  • Consulting for Novo Nordisk 2019-2021
  • Consulting for Widex 2018 – 2019
  • Consulting for Saxo Bank 2018
  • Consulting for Santander Consumer Bank 2015-2018
  • Consulting for Hi3G in 2015
  • Consulting for GroupM 2013 to 2015
  • Consulting/project management for Bluefragments 2012 to 2015
    • Bluefragments won Microsoft’s App Partner of the Year twice and the Mobility Partner of the year once during the period of consultation.
    • Worked for the following customers (among others): Coloplast, Totalkredit, TV 2, Microsoft, BEC, Berlingske, E-Boks, Lögreglan (the Icelandic police) and 3.
  • Part time developer, Arcanic A/S 2009 to 2014.

LOB apps for Windows Store/ Windows Phone

  • 7 apps within the healthcare industry
  • BI data aggregation app
  • Finance calculators and guidance tool
  • Law enforcement system for in-car displays
Windows 8 Store apps:
  • TV 2 Nyhedscenter
  • TV 2 Play
  • TV Tid
  • Hvad har åbent nu?
  • Mobile banks for BEC including: Arbejdernes Landsbank og Handelsbanken.
  • Dansk Folkehjælp
  • Series Sync
  • CampusNet
Windows Phone apps:
  • Nokia SaleMate for WP
  • TV 2 Play the official TV2 application for WP
  • BT the official BT application for Windows Phone
  • Berlingske the official Berlingske application
  • E-boks the official app
  • Series Sync native mobile app to check Series Sync
  • Taxi Danmark GPS app that finds taxi companies that services in your current area
  • Hvad har åbent nu? A danish app that shows nearby open shops.
  • Mit 3, both Danish and Swedish version
  • Folkemødet 2013
  • Mobile banks for BEC including among others Arbejdernes Landsbank and Handelsbanken.
  • Campus Days 2014: Universal Apps
  • Windows boot camp 2014: A boot camp to introduce enterprise companies to Windows Store apps. Copenhagen in May, and Iceland in July.
  • TechTalk, Hellerup, 2013: Async in C#
  • Campus Days 2013: Portable Class Libraries
  • Danish Developer Conference 2013: Async and Reactive Extensions
  • CampusDays 2012: Async in C#
  • Copenhagen .NET User Group online talk: Deep Dive into the Amazing Async/Await in C#
Web sites:
  • Series Sync – hobby web site project from 2011